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Home user or small business? Need help with any of the following?
            1. Setting up your computer(s), Internet or network?
            2. Training on Windows, Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc..?
            • Using a spreadsheet, word processor or graphics package?
            • Downloading and playing music or video on your PC, phone, TV?
            • Understanding the Internet - Skype - Viruses?
            • Looking for business training or software?
            • Are you stuck and need simple to understand answers?
THEN CALL US NOW ON (03) 9762 3316 
If you have questions then we have the answers. Maybe you want to have someone call to help set up your new pc or network. Maybe you want to know how to use the computer or perhaps your computer is doing strange things... Call us... Remember, no fix - no fee!!

One of our consultants will take your call and arrange to come and see you in your home or business, log on to help you or just give advice over the phone.

Do you want to know someone who will help you just when you need it? SMB Synergy provides consultants to answer every day questions that people have with their home or business computers. 

We offer: 
  • Friendly (Melbourne based) telephone support for business and home users
  • Installation of hardware and software
  • Training for home and business users
  • Subscription support giving you peace of mind that someone who knows computers is at hand 24 x 7.