About Us

SMB Synergy is the banner under which technical consultants with a vast knowledge of computers and networks combine in synergy to provide home and Small Business users access the the same back-room support enjoyed by lager corporations and multi-nationals.

Based in Melbourne, SMB provides LOCAL support with real technicians, not a call centre in a far of land working through a script of possible answers. Our technicians are hands on, they will log into your computer if needs be, or visit you at your home or business to resolve the problems you've encountered. They work closely together to provide the best possible knowledge base that money can buy. 

Our Experience Our consultants typically you'll be  come with a minimum of 10 years practical experience supporting businesses and have extensive PRACTICAL knowledge of PC hardware, software and networking knowledge. Most have worked 20 years in the industry in Australia and around the world like the UK, USA, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore. We have supported some of the biggest companies in the world. 

Our Mission We see no reason why home users or small businesses should be supported by people who are trained in no more than answering the phone or are the cousin of a friend who knows about about computers.  

Our Policy 
If we can't fix your problem then we will not charge you. You can't be fairer than that!